Due Diligence Committee Report

Below is a link to the Due Diligence Report compiled by the Due Diligence Committee (DDC), an ad-hoc committee chartered by the Sufi Order International – North America (SOINA) Board of Trustees.

Download the report

The specific charter of the DDC was to deliver a comprehensive report addressing financial, cultural and operational factors that might inform a Board decision about strategic direction.

Although the SOINA Board of Trustees chartered the report, the report was compiled independently by the DDC without input from the Board. The Board is not responsible for the information contained in the report and makes no claims regarding its accuracy. It was reviewed as just one of various sources informing the decision articulated here. Nevertheless, we wish to make the report available to stakeholders in the interest of complete transparency.

We would like to express our gratitude to Sura Gilbert-Miller, the DDC Chair, and the many other dedicated volunteers and contributors, both named and unnamed.

– The Sufi Order North America Board of Trustees