Latest News From the Board

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Executive Committee of the Inayati Order Board of Trustees. We are writing the first of a few messages to update you with news following our March 2017 Board retreat, held this past weekend at the Abode of the Message. As an outcome of its strategic planning process, the Board has been honing in on key areas of focus as we seek to serve the renewal of our organization. In the upcoming weeks, we will update you on several areas of our work, beginning this morning with personnel and board changes.

Personnel Changes

In assessing and planning for the most pressing needs of the organization, and in preparation for our move to Richmond, we have identified several changes to our personnel structure that are necessary to increase capacity. In the new structure we will be expanding from four to five full-time paid positions; these will include the Pir, the Executive Director, a Director of Programs, Executive Assistant, and Administrative Assistant. In this reallocation of resources, the position of Esoteric Secretary will be discontinued.

The position of Esoteric Secretary was originally designed as a two-year role, ending this past January, to provide support to Pir Zia as the Inayati Order assessed its needs during a time of tremendous transition. Beginning this coming fall, responsibilities of this role will now be shared between the Executive Director, an Executive Assistant (to be hired), and select contractual support hired on a project-by-project basis.

The Board has been in close contact with Yaqin Aubert, who has been skillfully and steadfastly serving as Esoteric Secretary over the past two years, regarding this change. Yaqin will be leaving administrative tasks to the new team, but has graciously agreed to continue serving the esoteric needs of the organization in his new position of Vice President of the Inayati Order, a board position most recently held by Taj Inayat. We are delighted that Yaqin has agreed to serve the Order in this way, availing us of his continuing counsel and spiritual and moral support of our collective work.

Board Changes

This past weekend the Board also bid farewell to three of its most longstanding and deeply committed members: Amina Hall, Fazl Peay and Hadi Reinhertz. We have cherished their guidance and are deeply grateful for their heartfelt and unwavering service.

All three outgoing board members, as well as previous board members Bayazid Ware and Taj Inayat, will form a new Advisory Board of the Inayati Order. This group will help us maintain institutional memory and provide their ongoing expertise to the organization.

Additionally, the Board welcomed new members Hakima Elizabeth Normand (Portland, OR), Raqib Kogan (Tacoma Park, MD), Tajalli Roselli (Cambridge, MA), and Isfandarmuz Hanna (Calgary, Alberta). Look here for a full list of Board members and biographies:

With the departure of Amina (who is becoming the North American Vice President of the Universal Worship), Roshan Peay now takes over as Chair, Huzur Nawaz German as Vice Chair/Treasurer, and Tajalli Roselli as Secretary.

Next Steps

The Board has been hard at work planning for our upcoming relocation to our new headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Once we have all details set, we will share them with you.

The Board continues to commit itself in service as it guides the Inayati Order forward in an atmosphere of love, harmony and beauty to create the most effective container for the work of our Pir and for spreading the Message far and wide.

In loving service,

The Inayati Order Executive Committee
Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, President
Roshan Anne Peay, Chair
Huzur Nawaz German, Vice Chair and Treasurer
Tajalli Roselli, Secretary
Jennifer Alia Wittman, Executive Director

Future Communications

To keep you up-to-date on our activities, we will continue to share regular reports like this one here.