Next Steps: Creation of Abode Steering Committee

Greetings friends,

On November 9th, 2015, the Sufi Order North America Board of Trustees (SOINA BOT) met and approved a motion, which outlines the process by which the Abode of the Message will begin to form its own governing structure. The first step in this process will be the selection of members of the Abode Steering Committee, a new sub-committee of the SOINA BOT. This committee will be responsible, in collaboration with the entire Board, for the formation of the new Abode of the Message BOT and management team. Please find attached to this message the resolution, and a message from the Board outlining the process by which nominations for the steering committee will be accepted.

The Board is whole-heartedly looking forward to a robust collaboration with the emerging leadership from the Abode. We recognize the current and future inter-dependence of both entities, and we look forward to a dynamic process of working together to bring to reality a self-governing and fully independent Abode of the Message.

As the letter from the Board indicates, nominations for the Steering Committee are now open. We are initially seeking 2 to 4 individuals to serve alongside one current SOINA Board member on the committee (this number may expand in the future based on the needs of the committee). We will accept nominees through December 11th, after which time the Board, in consultation with current Abode leaders, will select potential members to forward to Pir Zia, who will ultimately appoint the slate of Steering Committee members. We plan on having the Committee in place in the first few weeks of 2016.

We welcome your nominations for these important positions (please see attached letter for the information on how to submit a nomination). Committee members will work closely with the SOINA Board in creating their charter, sub-committees and in determining benchmarks and a timeline for reaching the final goal of an independent Abode Board of Trustees. Please note that serving on the Steering Committee is likely to be a multi-month commitment, and membership on this committee does not commit one to serve, nor imply that one will be asked to serve, on the eventual Abode BOT.

Thank you for your continuing support as we seek to position our Order to better meet the spiritual needs of today’s world.

In service,
Executive Committee,
Sufi Order International Board of Trustees

Steering Committee Nomination Process
Motion to create the Steering Committee